4 Gift Ideas to Make Any Tech Lover Happy!

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Technology and gadgets have a strange place in modern culture and society. On the one hand, a person can rely completely on technology to go about their daily business and at the same time despite using gadgets. For these people, playing with a phone or using the latest toy just doesn’t interest them. For others, however, they can think of nothing better than using the latest gadgets.

If you have a friend who falls into the latter category and you trying to find them the perfect gift, this article is here to help!

A Drone

While you may have not actually seen one in action, the chances are that you have heard people talking about them. Essentially, a drone is a kid’s flying toy which has been taken to the next level. Seems strange that an adult would want to play with a toy, right? Don’t worry, rest assured they will love the gift. When you are searching you will see that there is a range of brands and types you can buy. If your budget allows for it, look for one which includes a camera. If not, any type of drone that allows the recipient to fly it around all day and annoy pets and guests will suffice!



That’s right, tech lovers wear clothes too! And regular ones at that, not just the futuristic clothes you see on television. And while you aren’t going to want to give them socks and underwear, it’s a good idea to check out the Groupon Coupons page for J Crew to pick up some shirts or pajamas with their favorite game or movie character on them. Does it seem like another childish gift? Yes. Is it sure to please the recipient? Absolutely!

Anything USB Powered

A small fan which you can sit on your desk to use while you work? Check! A strange little cube which lights up and makes a noise when you squeeze it? Check! A coffee mug which keeps your coffee hot on your desk? Check! If it has a USB port in it then you be sure that it will make a great present for a tech lover.

The reason for this is because of the accessibility of USB ports. USB ports on their home and work computers allow them to make use of funny and silly little gadgets like this as they work to help them de-stress and enjoy their working space.


No, this doesn’t mean that you should pay their electric bill. But it does mean giving them power. Power in the form of an external battery pack. If you haven’t seen these devices, they are objects which you can fit in your hand which holds power. They include ports to allow the user to recharge their phone while they are away from a power outlet.

The joy of these devices is that they come in a range of styles, colors, and even designs, with many companies using design to set their battery packs apart from the competition. When shopping for the right battery pack, remember that it doesn’t matter which type of device they have, such as an iPhone or an Android phone, as these devices are ubiquitous.

There you have it! Four great gift ideas to get you out of a tight shopping spot and get you on to the best friend’s list!