5 Tips to Sell Your Property Fast Through Online Portals

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You need to sell your property and sell it fast. But the question is “How?” Well, to make your property stand out against the others, you need to give a quality check, rather than being confused like many other sellers. Here are few tips that would help you out.

Clear out the mess

Putting up your property for sale is just like showcasing a new model to the potential customers who are willing to throw all that cash to grab the deal. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, and imagine what you would desire to have for all that money you are staking. Show them the striking part of your lifestyle associated with your place, by making the living space clean, roomy and de-cluttered.

Moderate renovations

Little things can make a huge difference when it comes to impressing the buyer to purchase your property. You don’t want to face rejection for a mere broken handles, uneven walls or shabby floor covering. Complete renovation after buying a property is the last thing any customer would want. All you need to do is to spend a few from your pocket, to fix any sort of minor issues, such as leakage problems, door stoppers, loose wiring, unwanted odor etc. Make it look as amiable as if you desire to buy this property.


New shades

On any given day, vibrant shades of color can brighten up any space, be it residential or official. Opt for something more abstract, and look for combinations that work well in tandem. Neither try to be too bright, nor too dim. Just keep it somewhere between, such that it makes the customer feel the freshness of the adjacent walls and imagine themselves residing in such an ambiance. The job becomes much easier when you win the attention of the buyer with those beautiful shades.

Modify the kitchen and bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom are the backbone of any property. Clean, sanitized, well equipped and well maintained are the minimum requirements. Apart from that, if you can add furnished cabinetry or additional geysers, it perks up the value that much more. Don’t forget to place a few vases of flower or room fresheners to maintain that aroma in and around the kitchen and bathroom.

Post ads in portals

Now that the property is ready to be put up for sale in the market, start posting ads on different portals and see those calls coming, right from the word GO. Few reputed sites in India are: housing.com, 99acres.com, magicbricks.com, makaan.com etc.