Getting It Right the First Time: Why Photography Quality Matters in Ad Campaigns

Posted by on Sep 5, 2016 in Technology Tips And Information | Comments Off on Getting It Right the First Time: Why Photography Quality Matters in Ad Campaigns

Photography has been used for decades to help sell products. Because attention spans can be short, people need to see ads several times before they are willing to not only pay attention to it, but purchase the product at a later time. Thus, photography that is lackluster and doesn’t make people take notice, will go unsold and an opportunity will be lost… not to mention money.

It doesn’t matter if it is a widely published magazine or an advertisement on the subway, marketing executives come up with creative ideas that they hope will move a product. A photographer then has to try to capture their idea on film.


Product photos can be based on an actual image or be created by graphic artists whose job it is to showcase a product with accuracy. Whether it be a crisp picture of a trendy perfume bottle or a can of Pepsi with that one bead of water dripping down it, both – though very different – must start with something real.

However, it is not until after the initial idea begins that the real work starts. Taking original photographs and turning them into something that perfectly resonates with the original idea and the briefing that the company agreed upon can take time. Still, the end result is worth it. A graphic artist can take that can of chilled Pepsi, add a droplet of water cascading down the side in front of a clean backdrop and help a company sell their product in troves. You may even be thirsty just thinking about the image.

After the perfect image is created, an artist will combine it with other elements such as beautiful typography whose font matches with the product’s feel and target audience. This can help to get the brand and product across in a way that is both memorable and marketable. You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Creating a marketable image that represents a brand as a whole while also representing a product on its own takes skill, wisdom and a great deal of passion for the work that you do. In this arena, nothing less than impressive work will do. The marketing industry is very competitive and a company only gets one chance to make a first impression.

An ad campaign that uses lackluster advertising imagery not only loses potential customers, but can mark a company for life. Thus, even if that same company produces beautiful photography in their next campaign, they may not be able to recover from their first negative impression.