How Do Desalination Plants Work

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Desalination is a process that helps to remove the contaminants from seawater including unnecessary salt elements. The efficient process makes the water worth drinking, and it can be used for agriculture and various industrial purposes. With the innovation in technology, the techniques to purify water is also revolutionized. Different industries take help from technology to desalinate water in large quantity to make it usable for everyday use. Let us guide how actually these plants work?

  1. Water Pretreatment

It is the first stage of process in which seawater reaches the plant. In this process, organic materials, algae and various other particles are removed from water, which is again pumped to technology based filter tanks. Layers of gravel, sand, and anthracite settle at the bottom of tank allowing to filtrate and moving the water to next stage of desalination.


  1. Second water pretreatment

Before the reverse osmosis process, water is again filtered t removed the unnecessary salt particles. High-end technology is used which recognizes the microscopic impurities and remove them efficiently.

  1. Reverse osmosis process

Reverse Osmosis is heart of desalination process in which minerals and other dissolved salts are separated from water by making it ideal for consumption. The plant consists of2000 pressure vessels accompanied with 16000 reverse osmosis membranes. The process uses semi-permeable membranes and allows water to pass through them with intense pressure by removing the dissolved salts and other minerals.

Microscopic membranes remove the minerals, salts and other impurities including viruses and bacteria.

  1. Post water treatment

After the reverse osmosis water filtration process, seawater is now fresh and ready for consumption. In the post-treatment process, necessary minerals are added back into the water making it disinfected with chlorine.

  1. Water storage

When the desalination process completes, water moves through various pipe sections and then transferred to water tanks accordingly for consumption.

Final thoughts

The process to pure the seawater lengthy but it seems simple and straightforward because of the latest embedded technologies used in the desalination plant, which completes the process efficiently. The process may vary from one plant to another, but the basic steps are mentioned above. It proves to be a complicated yet straightforward method for the environmental problem for freshwater scarcity. It merely relies on sophisticated technology, which makes the freshwater too expensive but ready to use especially in the areas who are suffering from water scarcity.

Desalination is one of the best solutions for the increased global population.

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