How to Forward Email from Yahoo Mail into Gmail

Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 in Technology, Technology Tips And Information | Comments Off on How to Forward Email from Yahoo Mail into Gmail

There is a feature you need to know when using email, which is Email forwarding feature. According to it, if you are using Gmail but you also want to receive mail from Yahoo mail, this feature will help you to solve the problem.

You intend to use Gmail instead of Yahoo mail after registering for it. However, you are still waiting for some important email in Yahoo mail. So, instead of checking Yahoo mail day by day, all you have to do is to forward email from Yahoo mail into your new Gmail account so that all new emails from Yahoo mailbox will be automatically forwarded into Gmail.


Step 1: Log into your Yahoo account


  • Next, click the wheel symbol on the top right corner of the screen, choose Settings
  • Here, you switch to the Account tab and put the mouse on your Yahoo account


  • Click on Forward option then enter your Gmail address
  • Some notifications appear requiring you to confirm
  • Hit Save to finish

Step 2: Log into your Gmail account, you have to confirm the link from Yahoo mail to complete forwarding email.

So, we’ve just introduce you on how to forward email from Yahoo mail into Gmail. This feature will become very useful in case you only want to use one email account while having to use so many different email ones. Besides, refer “Forward email from old Gmail account into the new one” for more details.

Good luck!