Know All About Content Delivery Networks

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Most of the website users want to spend less time for downloading the contents. When a website is hosted from a particular region or country, the users of the website from another country may not be able to use the contents of the website as fast as the users from the same country in which the website is hosted. The content delivery networks can be used to reduce the download time. The edge servers help to hold the static contents of the site, such as images and provide easy retrieval of the content.

Content Delivery Networks

What Are Content Delivery Networks?

Content Delivery Networks are also known as content distribution networks. They are the largest network of servers distributed worldwide, which allows users to download the required resources with high performance. Most of the internet contents today use CDN. This includes texts, scripts, graphics, documents, media files, e-commerce, portals, live streaming media, social networks, etc. The CDN operators will deliver the contents of the website to the end-users for a price. When the contents of a site is requested by the end-user, the content delivery node closest to the user will deliver the needed static content  through the shortest traveling distance so that the user will be able to experience the website without much delay.

Benefits of using CDN

Any website owner wants to ensure that their users receive consistent and speedy service.

  • CDN provides improved and faster user experience and this will make the users to return to the site whenever more information is needed.
  • When the websites get loaded faster, there are lower chances of the user leaving the site without going through the site.
  • CDN reduces the direct traffic load to the content provider’s infrastructure and results in cost savings.
  • It helps to prevent crashing of the website in the event of increased traffic by distributing the bandwidth to multiple servers.
  • They are easy to implement and will provide the best possible experience to the users of critical websites and sites with heavy traffic.

Cost of Implementation

There are CDN services which range from expensive to cost –effective solutions. The cost of CDN will mainly depend on the region of reach, bandwidth, security and SSL needs. There are CDNs available for website owners with various budgets.  You will be able to find convenient plans based on functionality for the use of a CDN service for the website. Some of the important CDN companies which will be able to provide the most reliable CDN services include Cloudflare, MaxCDN, Amazon CloudFront.

Selecting the CDN provider

While selecting the CDN it is necessary that you opt for services which offer ease of implementation for different platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Magento at affordable costs. You can also opt for providers who offer trial packages to know whether the CDN service is suitable for your need. This trial offer will make you select the provider without risking the money.  You need to ensure that the distributed network of the CDN provider is reliable and keep your website online always.