Tips to Recall when Designing an Embedded System Hardware

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When committing yourself to design an embedded system hardware design, it is of great importance to have in mind the following tips that will no doubt save you some grief. It is also prudent to understand that most of the following tips assume that you are using services related to custom engineering which is not a big deal as all the principles are sound for both.



Undertake your design at higher speed than you might think you require and when possible proof the concept you applied using hardware such as the-off-shelf. Have some serial output devices such as ports on your board and preferably have it closer to your CPU. Make sure that you all the ROM devices that hold the code (IPL) are plugged into a socket. Staggering ports of devices by the power of two is okay though you have to ensure that the address lines are not mixed up to avoid the appearance of the input and output devices in a in an order that is strange. Make the use of timer chips which allow for a running operation that is free instead of those requiring you to poke after each interruption. Make sure to follow the interface of your CPU for the sake of reporting bus errors.


Don’t deeply interrupt the controller chips; wide and big interruption will do well for any embedded system hardware design. Remember that you are also not to use registers indicated as “write only”. Take caution not to use hardware such as Zilog SCC as it will require a short delay between it’s the accesses. Don’t overload the input and output registers with too much information when the operating system is also to undertake cycles such as RMW. At times don’t decide to go the no BIOS way for the reason of just sounding nice. Don’t use a cheap chip and still expect it to give a great performance.