Walkera in Modern World

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As this is modern era of technology and drones are making their strong position in this world. Walkera is introducing its best drones to drone lovers as drone lovers are very passionate about the technology. Here I am going to introducing a model by Walkera. Let have a look.

Walkera QRx350 pro:

The X350 Pro by Walkera is of entry-level offering their services in their Ready-To-Fly (RTF) multi-copter range. Now Walkera QRx350 pro  is offering great features as well as price range as compared to other It is aimed to provide great multi-copter enthusiasts and users who want features of more expensive models at an affordable price go ahead for this drone.



  • Battery is made up of 5200mAh.
  • Battery takes 40 to 60 minutes to charge completely.
  • Battery working is about 15 to 21 minutes.
  • Ready to fly quadcopter it is.
  • Its weight is about 7lbs.
  • Speed up is about 45mphs.
  • Have good quality camera.
  • Contains sensors to prevent any damage.
  • It is completely easy to fly.
  • Comes with great controller.
  • Have USB charger.
  • Shows connectivity to your android smart-phone.
  • Operating range is beyond your imagination; 2Km.
  • GPS locating system is very reliable.
  • It will cost you only 300$ to have variety features.


  • You can easily afford them.
  • Great built-in features.
  • Good-quality body.
  • Average flight time.
  • Waypoint navigation facility.
  • Durable and reliable to use.


  • Shows botched implementation of APM ArduPilot.
  • LVC not disabled by default and is a big issue.
  • Esc should be 30A for 1000kv motors.
  • Poor interaction with customers.

Ready to Fly Quadcopter:

Ready to fly quadcopter is also known as RTF quadcopter. RTF quadcopters have all the essential and necessary items as well as accessories which is needed for the prefect flight of the quadcopter.  They consist of needed batteries, plugs, good operating system, great transmitter, good remote controller. Operating distances are remarkable. Many companies like

  • Syma.
  • Wltoys.
  • Feilun.
  • Walkera.
  • Cheerson and many other companies are introducing their best RTF quadcopters.

They have carefully designed the features in all best and possible manners. All RTF quadcopters have brushless motors. Brushless motors are modified as well as have great efficiency. RTF quadcopters are reliable and easy to control.

The Bottom Line:

Time to wrap up the article. I really enjoyed writing this article as it was about Walkera drone. Drone by Walkera are great and are much reliable. It is also good for professionals. We wish you good luck for your future!